Stability Analysis for the Grain Yield of Some Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) Genotypes Growing under Semi-arid Conditions


  • A. Guendouz National Institute of the Agronomic Research of Algeria, Setif unit (19000), Algeria
  • H. Bendada Dept.of Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of Science and Technology, Relizane University, Relizane (48000), Algeria


Algeria, barley, non-parametric, parametric, stability


The Field experiment was conducted during 03 cropping season from 2017 to 2020 and sowing at the same period in December at the experimental field of ITGC, Setif, Algeria. The aims of this study were the selection of adapted and stable genotypes based on the use of parametric and non-parametric index. To calculate the parametric and non-parametric index we used the program STABILITYSOFT. The graphic distribution of the genotypes tested based on the relationship between the mean grain yield and regression coefficient (bi), proved that the suitable genotypes for the tested conditions were the advanced line G2, Fouarra and G12. The values of deviation from regression (S²di) classified the genotype the advanced line G6 as the most desirable genotypes. The association between Wricke’s ecovalence (Wi²) indice and the grain yield proved that the best genotypes for growing under these conditions are G13, G10, G6 and Fouarra. In addition, the non-parametric index confirmed the results which registered by the selection based on the parametric index. Thus, the genotypes Fouarra and the advanced line G6 are the most stable genotypes. The combination selection based on highest grain yield and the parametric indices proved that the genotypes G6, Fouarra and G2 were the more stable and adapted genotypes under semi-arid conditions. The Principal component (PC) analysis classified the genotype Fouarra and G2 in dynamic stability group with highest grain yield. Overall, the results of this study confirmed that the parametric and Non-parametric methods were the suitable tools to identify the most stable barley genotypes at various environmental conditions. In addition, the best adapted and stable genotypes during this study were Fouarra and G6.


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